Why has contemporary ethanol fireplace become the real modern fireplace of the twenty-first century? The latest arrivals in the world of fireplaces have many benefits, and especially, very few constraints. Like any item of modern life, AFIRE remote-controlled ethanol fireplaces are smart and can be installed practically anywhere. They are fireplaces that can be used easily every day by simply pressing a button. To set up a fire-space, you just need to insert a remote-controlled ethanol fireplace. AFIRE’s line of smart, elegant embedded burners has infinite possibilities and can be adapted to any style of decoration.

Contemporary ethanol fireplace

Why choose a Contemporary Ethanol Fireplace?

Decorating has come a long way, with new objects that fit into our modern habits and values. The contemporary ethanol fireplace is the result of technological research that satisfies these new concepts. 

Ecological fireplace: modern fireplaces use 96% alcohol produced by agriculture or by recycling waste. These new generations of bioethanol are “eco-friendly” and use completely renewal energy. They are generally produced near the site of consumption.

Ventless fireplaces with no constraints: a smokeless ethanol fireplace requires no installation of an exhaust conduit. You can set up your fire-space anywhere. No smoke, no soot, no odor and no maintenance: a bio-fire truly has no constraints fitting into our urban lifestyles.

Smart, connected fireplaces: a smart ethanol fireplace provides safe use of flames by simply pressing the button or remote control to the device.

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AFIRE’s smart remote-controlled fireplace: a high-tech world of design

A contemporary ethanol fireplace is smart and elegant. Smart because it can be used efficiently with electronic controls, and elegant because it can fit into any décor, whether it is modern and minimalist, art-deco or traditional. This is a godsend for decorating professionals, who can use free-standing fireplaces or embedded burners to meet their clients’ desires:

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