The remote controlled ethanol burner inserts for embedded fireplaces: an inevitable change.


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The Constraints of Modern and Urban Life: The Reasons for Change

As a result of urbanisation and modernisation, we have started living increasingly in cities and suburbs. Thus, the installation of a traditional fireplace has become very important over the years.

The installation of a chimney is often impossible or a lengthy and expensive process and not a viable option for everyone. On the other hand, the supply of wood in urban areas is scarce these days. Finally, duct maintenance is often high due to its high cost and the scarce availability of good professionals. These methods are also extremely time-consuming and the cleaning of a wood hearth is often cumbersome.


An Evolving Modular Living Environment

To install a fire point in a living space, there is no need to place an immovable structure in your lounge. Our AFIRE remote controlled ethanol burner insert comes in a variety of options and allows you to easily build your fireplace and to change it according to your taste or your living room decor. A modern fire space installed with a bioethanol burner contributes a certain degree of flexibility and modularity to the mix. If, for any reason, you decide to change your decor, the ethanol hearth will follow this adaptation.


Bioethanol burner AFIRE BX150                          Fireplace installation


Ventless fireplace & remote controlled ethanol burner compared to the wireless mobile phone

There are many parallels between the evolution of the various objects in our contemporary life. The simplicity of installation removes constraints and is often a decisive element. Press a remote control button to switch on the device and it turns into a true element of comfort. With the arrival of remote-controlled ventless fireplaces, the Phœnix has risen from the ashes.


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Fire: An Ultra-living Tool for Architects, Decorators & Designers

Gaston Bachelard once said “Fire is a social being”. Once cleared of its constraints and used in a safe manner, fire is a tremendous asset for well-being in a living space. Flames are ultra-alive and become an integral part of your home.

During early civilisation, fire was a catalyst and separated human beings from other animals. Thus, the introduction of fire in our daily lives led to a more modern and urbanised style of living. The arrival of the ethanol fireplace has changed the use of fire in our living environment. The remote controlled bioethanol burner XXL offers endless possibilities to architects, designers and decorators to conceive a contemporary design fireplace free from its most frustrating constraints.

The vent-free fireplace can be easily integrated into all designs, styles and spaces. As such, it is a tremendous tool for architects seeking to have personalised fire spaces for daily usage that can be used with a single click of the remote control.


Ethanol burner for fireplace AFIRE


Simple, Comfortable & High-tech

In the modern era, simplicity of use is an essential element for any device. With the simple pressing of a button on a remote control, you will be able to switch the fire on or off. This fire can be stopped in the event of abnormal operation and is free from smoke, odour and ash. It can be ignited without hands being in the vicinity of the flames.

With the help of a dry contact, it is now possible to connect the electronic fire insert with a home automation application and to pilot the device with a mobile phone or alternative command element.


Remote-control for fireplaces AFIRE


AFIRE: World Class Fireplace Manufacturing Quality

Conceived in its laboratories, manufactured by its teams and tested by its quality control team, all the AFIRE models are tested and approved before shipment. AFIRE has a range of remote controlled ethanol fireplaces that display the cutting edge of technology.

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