Bio ethanol fireplaces and burner inserts 2021 trends

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces and Burner Inserts 2021 Trends

Why do automatic, remote-controlled and secure bio ethanol fireplaces and burner inserts dominate the world of fire? Consumers are now operating in an increasingly mature market. Automatic ethanol inserts and burner inserts have become the standard for all fireplace professionals. Designers, architects and interior designers now safely use these fire tools to bring their decorations to life. Moreover, users encouraged by the legislation have definitively opted for ethanol burner inserts with electronic ignition and active safety detectors.

Plug and play automatic ethanol burner inserts

If you want to customize a fireplace, the ethanol burner with automatic electronic ignition is the ideal solution. This solution offers the advantage of easy installation in all types of decors. It is true that AFIRE plug and play remote-controlled ethanol burner inserts have the particularity of being able to be embedded in any type of support. In fact, these fireplace inserts remain cold, even while the device is in operation. Naturally as the flames are hot and real, the surroundings above the combustion block must be protected. As you can see, decoration professionals have found a way to install a fireplace in all types of homes!


Bio ethanol fireplaces and burner inserts 2021 trends, safety first!


Ethanol, renewable energy


High-tech remote control and commands


Constraints !

Bio ethanol fireplaces and burner inserts 2021 trends, the emergence of the high-tech fireplace

To customize an AFIRE fireplace the best way is to use a remote-controlled bio ethanol burner. However, if you wish to avoid any kind of work, the ready-to-install ethanol fireplace is the fastest and simplest solution. These devices have been heavily influenced by electronics. It is no longer a question of boxes containing bioethanol but of real bio ethanol fireplaces lined with electronics and high-tech commands. in addition, there are many designs that are there to help you choose the right model for your interior decorations.

Rethink the fire with AFIRE!
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