The emerging trend of vent-free fire points with electronic security is becoming the major element in the renewal taking place in the world of fireplaces. There are no more seasons to taste the pleasures of fire, modern high tech ethanol burner inserts and hearths can be lit daily, according to your desires, simply by pressing on a button.


Bio ethanol burner insert

Embeddable high tech ethanol burner inserts: an offer in line with modern life

The spirit of contemporary creativity can now use fire to design spaces where design and well-being come together. The pleasures of fire is back in the zeitgeist with AFIRE embeddable inserts. A new concept for hearths, in which personalization and ease of installation and use plays an essential role.

Just press a command button (remote control, switch on the insert plate, or even home automation remote control, smartphone, etc) to give life to fire. Kindling the fire is no longer a chore, but rather an everyday gesture that can be done by anybody and, of course, in complete safety with high tech ethanol burner inserts and fireplaces



The contemporary art of fire: a mixture of innovation and design

Decoration and home fashion specialists jumped on these new fire points for their concepts. For designers, installing a ventless fireplace with a secured ethanol electronic hearth provides the possibility of giving life to a project aiming to create or improve a living space. This is very simple, just requiring an insert to be embedded in the world that they imagine.

Like all current objects, emphasis is put on innovation with the environment in mind. By burning in combustion blocks, bioethanol does not produce any smoke. In addition, the perfect oxygenation achieved through AFIRE technology gives an excellent combustion hygiene to the electronic inserts.

Ventless ethanol burner

A FIRE high-tech ethanol burner insert: totally at your beck and call

AFIRE is an original approach to the pleasures of fire. Where interior designers build, improve living spaces, restructure living areas, it is now possible with modern bioethanol burners to give life and to play with the light of the flames in any type of residential or commercial space.

A great wind of change is blowing on fireplaces, which are now integrated into current designs. See the trends to develop modern fire spaces on the pages dedicated to:

High-tech remote controlled ethanol burner inserts

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