You want to install a fire point design in your house or in a commercial space, AFIRE introduce you the range: electronic remote controlled ethanol fireplace easy to install and use

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Ethanol Burner or Fireplace ? A Choice of Personalization

You have two possibilities to install your fireplace. Either you imbed an insert in a personalized background, or you install a “ready to use” bio fireplace. Everything depends, of course, on your customization request. If you want to build a hearth that will “stick” perfectly to your decoration style, a combustion block built into a piece of furniture or a niche in the wall or floor would be the most suitable. If you do not want to conduct any installation of any kind and that you have a “crush” on one of our ethanol fireplaces models.

How Does it Work?

There is a huge difference between a bio manual fireplace and a electronic remote controlled ethanol fireplace. Manual devices, the ancestors of the new electronic range of devices, were difficult and sometimes dangerous to turn on or off. The opening hatches became blocked through the effects of expansion due to heat. In addition, no automatic security stopped the flames in case of abnormal operation. What’s more, it was necessary to get close to the fire to light it with “flash” effects, due to the hot gases that formed in the upper part of the combustion block.
The new AFIRE electronic and remote controlled ethanol fireplace is the result of fifteen years of research and development done by a team of technicians and engineers. The devices are electronically secured with automatic detectors, they have a controlled combustion cleaning (the quantity of burnt bioethanol is only a few centiliters and is perfectly oxygenated) and they are run by secured and simple to use control elements (remote control, on/off button, home automation, etc.).


Remote controlled ethanol fireplace


Electronic remote controlled ethanol fireplace Installation and Operation

Installing a fire space now only requires a few minutes. If you opt for a ready to install fireplace, all that is required is to solidly fix and “level” the device. For the electronic bio ethanol burners that need to be built in, what takes longest is to create the background of your fire point. If you are not handy, AFIRE recommends that you contact an architect, a designer, or a decoration professional who will advise you, build your project, and install YOUR fire space. In all cases, installing a discharge duct is not necessary. Bio fireplaces are adapted to all types of locations and all interior and commercial locations styles. From design fireplaces or built in inserts, the AFIRE ranges includes a wide variety of models, all electronic and boasting electronic security sensors and modern control mechanisms.

Full documentation with a catalog and technical data sheets are at your disposition. If you wish to receive a quote including shipping fees for a particular model, please do not hesitate to let us know. We usually answer within 24 hours.

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