You already wondered how is manufactured your fireplace or ethanol burner insert? Here are some elements of answer. 


The manufacturing of a contemporary fireplaces


How is manufactured your fireplace: conception of a design fireplace

Everything starts of the analysis of the needs of the future users. A modern fireplace it is a hearth easy to use. The conception teams of our contemporary hearths are going to analyze and to define a specifications. From this project, the engineers are going to work on the manufacturing of a prototype.
Once the sample was checked and modified as well at the technical as commercial level , a preseries is going to allow to validate the manufacturing of a design fireplace or a  bioethanol burner. The definitive drawings will be realized only after a series of tests intended to verify the longevity of the prototypes.


Engineering consulting firm AFIRE


The manufacturing of the metallic parts

From drawings of manufacturing, the metallic parts are cut with lazer machines  for a perfect precision. These spare-parts are manually handled, folded, polished, welded, sanded and assembled. The metal parts which are not in stainless steel leave in our painting workshop to be anticorrosion treated and painted.


Fireplaces workshop AFIRE


The assembly with electronic components

The spare parts are assembled in a special workshop. The electronic components are integrated and tested one by one,  under the responsibility of the production manager. The assembly is the heart of the production because all parts have to respect a precise specifications.

The quality control, a necessary obsession

AFire is an ethanol fireplaces manufacturer which is involved in quality standards. From the beginning of the process the quality control engineer, conceives the controls, follows the production, operates checks from the beginning to the end of the production chain. The final quality control is only the result of a follow-up which started in the conception of the hearth or the fireplace insert.


Quality control of an ethanol burner


The packaging of an ethanol burner AFIRE

We learnt that the logistic chain tends to mistreat products. That is why we attach a quite particular importance for the packaging of your hearth. After the final check, the bio ethanol burner is inserted into a EPE shell specially studied, packed in a cardboard, and for the biggest items doubled by a wooden box. 

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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