Spending some time relaxing by the fire is again possible in any type of home. With secure AFIRE bioethanol burners, you can install a design fireplace (or have installed by professionals).


Design fireplace insert AFIRE


Install a Design Fireplace is a Perpetual Object of Well-Being

Much more than a means of heating, a fireplace is an element of lifestyle. Gathering around the fire brings incomparable relaxation. Dancing flames suggest to us the timeless well-being of a life always in movement. However, in urban areas, fireplaces tended to disappear along with the constraints generated by their construction and use. A bubbling of innovation took care of these changes in our living spaces that took away the use of fire-relaxation. First, there was the appearance of ethanol fireplaces with simple containers (manual combustion pots or blocks). Now, with the arrival of remote-controlled and electronically secured bioethanol burners, fire is really finding its place again in homes and spaces of relaxation.

Security : a Priority to Calmly Enjoy Flames

AFIRE is determined to differentiate itself from poor quality discounters and price-cutters (small manual bioethanol pots or burners) which are often very dangerous. There is no mystery, an ethanol box placed without being fixed on a table is a real danger (falling over, ignition, etc.). It is totally unconscionable to offer such products to consumers; they are, of course, not very pricey, but very dangerous. Fire must be controlled and equipped with automatic ignition which allows hands to be kept away from the fire when igniting the device.

For all products in its range, AFIRE offers a remote control, electronic controls, automatic ignition, and a series of safety sensors that stop the bio ethanol burner in case risks or abnormal operation are detected. In addition, all AFIRE devices must be fixed or built-in. In this way, you will be able to enjoy fire in complete peace of mind!

Ethanol burner installation

Installing a Design Fireplace is Simple with AFIRE Inserts

With an electronic combustion block, installing a fire-point is easy. A fireplace’s success lays in its design and style of decoration. Of course, design professionals and architects are best placed to conceptualize your fire-space and intergrate it harmoniously in your home. However, installing a design fireplace in your home is really becoming quick and easy. Once the setting is made, all that is needed is to put the ethanol fireplace in its insert. Moreover, and in contrast to traditional fireplaces, providing maintenance is not necessary.

Free your imagination in all peace of mind with the positive energy of the flames and install a design fireplace, your space of light and heat. Treat yourself… AFIRE light-up your dreams!

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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