Install a wall-mounted ethanol fireplace: ideas and tips to create a warm atmosphere in your living room. AFIRE’s whole range of secure remote-controlled ethanol fireplace inserts is available for you to create a unique fire décor in your living space. Installing a wall-mounted fireplace is now simple. You can choose an insert that blends into your decor and carry out the work in a very short time.

Install a wall-mounted ethanol fireplace

Remote-controlled wall-mounted ethanol fireplace: how should you choose your model?

The concept of domestic fire has radically changed with the modern bio ethanol burner equipped with all safety mechanisms. A modern spirit is blowing through the world of fire design. Simply press a button to start the flames (remote control, smartphone, home automation system, etc.) Then, just light the fire…

What choices are available to install a wall-mounted ethanol fireplace? There are two main possibilities. You can install an ethanol burner in a recess or shelf to create a truly personal fireplace. However, you can also install a ready-to-use wall-mounted ethanol fireplace that you simply attach to the wall with the included plate.

Many images and ideas are available on Pinterest to install your ventless wall-mounted ethanol fireplace with the included plate.


Personalized Design


Quick installation


Simple Installation


Constraints !

No need for a vent to install a wall-mounted ethanol fireplace

Urban modernity requires us to use a constraint-free fire. Can we, in the modern day, get some firewood delivered in our downtown apartment? Who has the time to light a traditional fire? Who can spend time cleaning soot, fumes and dust? Why waste time and money hiring chimney sweepers every year? What’s more, how can a vent even be installed in a modern house or apartment?

The automatic, remote-controlled and secure wall-mounted ethanol fireplace has all the advantages of a real fire, without its disadvantages. What’s more, this idea of modern decoration fits together with the objects and furniture already present in your living room. Ethanol fireplace tables, furniture with integrated insert, televisions and ethanol fireplaces, anything is possible with these modern and stylish fireplaces.

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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