Modern fireplaces are an essential element in interior decoration and design. It brings life to the rooms in which it is installed and creates a unique atmosphere. Fire participates in the art of living in interior spaces. With the new ranges of vent free fireplaces, burners, and electronic and remote controlled AFIRE bio ethanol inserts, architects, decorators, and interior designers have a new fire option. Modern fireplaces become urban and without constraints, flames are mastered and secured. Fire becomes a decoration object that is truly easy to use in everyday life, simply by pressing a button.


AFIRE Decoration idea with a bio ethanol burner insert 


Modern fireplaces as decorative objects: a design idea for interior designers and decorators

In search of new inspiration for interior spaces, decorators saw a new offer arrive which revolutionized the very idea of the fireplace. These electronic and remote controlled contemporary inserts which do require the installation of a discharge pipe are installed as a living decoration. They are modular, easy to install, interchangeable and blend into any modern or traditional decor. 

Fire ribbons and lines, large bio ethanol burners and compact inserts, the various product lines from AFIRE allow for all kinds of creations by decoration professionals. Flames become interior design tools to include these new bio fireplaces in wall niches, in the ground, in furniture, in steles, etc.


Modern fireplaces: contemporaneous fire ribbon


Fire once more becomes a modern living art

Modern fireplaces are part of this new life design. It is no longer a simple decoration that is endured, but rather a contemporary art of living in which decoration is treated as an element of well-being. Design fireplaces adapt to contemporary life; they must be easy to have and simple to use. Modern fireplaces can be installed in cities and in apartments or houses which no longer have fireplace ducts, and are used through the simple press of a remote control button.

Fire is freed from its constraints in complete safety. Indeed, deco fireplaces are not only beautiful and easy to use, they are also smart and stop automatically in case of malfunction or external anomalies. Flames are controlled electronically and through automatic security detectors. Fire can be rethought by professionals as a true tool of well-being. Creation becomes once again the master word of a decorative fireplaces. The use of this modern fire becomes a living pleasure used by the greatest names in Design..


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