A new idea of the fire! Design and modern fireplaces which you will settle easily and quickly. A contemporary ventless hearth that allows creators to develop their design potential.


Modern and design fireplace


Creators, architects, designers, imagine YOUR new decoration with modern fireplaces


Modern fireplaces are personalized. The creator is going to imagine his design hearth with his references regarding decoration or according to the desire of his customer. As it is not necessary to install a chimney, a contemporary fireplace is simple and fast to build. And if you have no spirit handyman, appeal to a professional of the building, an interior decorator, an architect designer.

Materials noble as marble, iron craftsmen’s metals, stone, precious wood are going to be able to be of use as base to this new hearth. It is just necessity to respect some safety dimensions on sides and over the insert for materials semi-flammable. We have to deal of course with the real flame!

However what prevails with this new fire it is a feeling of freedom of installation. The fire can be rethought in a totally different way compared with the traditional fireplaces. The ethanol fireplace is conceived in personalized and design spaces-fire which is totally different with the irremovable hearths running on wood. The fire becomes the object of the creators. This new concept allows a flexibility and a modularity which did not exist with the old fireplaces. AFIRE modern fireplaces becomes YOUR creation.


Modern-fireplace-Installation of a BC50 Settle of a design fireplace AFIREEthanol burner BC50 AFIRE


Install, connect and press on the remote control, that’s it!

After you built the surrounding of the bio ethanol burner to create a universe of the fire according to your taste, It needs only a few minutes  to insert the bioethanol burner and to connect it to a socket. 

You have just now to fill the tank. To do it,  press on the button of the trapdoor (an electronic safety which prevents this opening during the functioning). Add some 96° denatured ethanol  until you heard the sound alarm (meaning you that the maximum is reached). Close the trapdoor. Your bioethanol insert is ready.

Then, you can  start modern fireplaces by pressing indifferently on the button of the device or the remote control!


Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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