Modern ethanol burner insert

The modern ethanol burner insert is certainly the smartest solution for installing a high-tech designer fireplace. In the city, in an apartment or a house, the idea of installing a ventless fireplace with no constraints is back in fashion. The emergence of new solutions like the modern ethanol burner offers countless fire-decorating ideas. The combination of tradition and modernity is fully expressed with the appearance of these high-tech fireplaces in the heart of cities. Tradition of fire meets contemporary decor.

Modern ethanol burner insert for contemporary fireplaces

Personalized design has really become the norm for modern decors. Everyone is looking for a space that resembles them. The simplicity in the current decor is the quintessence of style and authenticity. In order to create a fire decoration that resembles us, the AFIRE remotely controlled modern ethanol burner is the most efficient solution. It is a contemporary fireplace blending into a personalized decor. The idea of improving people’s lives by simplifying complicated things is at the heart of the design of this automatic, remote-controlled modern ethanol burner insert. Fire takes over its place in the urban world: a secure, decorative fire that gives pleasure and comfort.


Contemporary high-tech smart fireplace


Flueless fireplace


Modern ethanol burner insert that fits all designs


Constraints !

A modern smart fireplace that values the idea of fire with no constraints

A contemporary fireplace has many advantages over traditional wood fireplaces. In fact, a modern ethanol burner meets our expectations today. It can be quickly set up with little work, it is controlled by smart controls and is equipped with electronic controls that stop the fire in case of an incident.
This modern high-tech fireplace is a great design. Its design and technology ensure its adaptability with any decor. The contemporary fireplace no longer imposes its design but it enhances a high-end personalized decoration.
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Modern fireplace ethanol burner insert