A smart bio ethanol fireplace is a modern device capable of autonomous operation. It is a smart fireplace, because the fire is overseen by command and control systems that work automatically on the bio ethanol burner. What’s more, this domestic fire can be controlled through remote systems: remote controls, WiFi-equipped smartphones, Bluetooth, home automation systems, etc. A smart bio ethanol fireplace is thus a connected fire space, secured through autonomous electronic detectors that is used with all modern control means.

Smart bio ethanol fireplace

The Autonomous and Connected Smart Bio Ethanol Fireplace

A smart fireplace is first and foremost a device that adapts to your modern lifestyle. Enjoying a fire with friends or family should be simple. Just make a single gesture to start or stop the flames. Press the command on your smartphone, remote control, home automation systems, or the button directly on the device (or a remotely placed button). That’s all!
A smart fireplace is autonomous. It manages commands and its entire electronic security. Once a smart bio ethanol fireplace is turned on, it controls itself and automatically stops the flames in the event of abnormal operations. The safety of a home fireplace is paramount to enjoy the pleasure of flames in peace. We might even say that it is an absolute necessity in our modern living environment.


Smart Fireplace


Ventless Fireplace


Autonomous Fireplace


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Eco-friendly Fireplace Using Renewable Energy

An autonomous and connected electronic smart fireplace has a number of advantages, as we saw previously. However, there are two more advantages that can be highlighted: the eco-friendliness and the adaptability of the design.
Eco-friendliness, because our modern world is resolutely turning towards clean energy. A smart fireplace uses renewable energy: bioethanol for ethanol fireplaces, and water for vapor fireplaces.
Secondly, modern fireplaces can fit into all types of houses and designs. They are a device that can adapt itself to the style of the design, and not the other way around. This is a major step forward for designers and interior architects, who can now customize your fire space.

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Smart fireplace

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