What type of ethanol fireplace should you choose? Urban modernity leads us to prefer contemporary electronic and remote controlled fireplaces that can be used daily with the simple press of a button. For safety and usability reasons, the AFIRE smart ethanol wall fireplace offers a large range of designs and colors. Along with being beautiful, innovative and functional objects, modern ethanol fireplaces are both eco-friendly and smart.

Design Smart Ethanol Wall Fireplace SASA L

Why choose a smart ethanol wall fireplace for your living room?

A wind of modernity is blowing on the world of fire. The offer of vent-free fireplaces has brought about an evolution in the use of fireplaces. The traditional wood fireplace is gradually giving way to more modern and deco objects. For our interiors, we now prefer a burner or a smart bioethanol fireplace that can be controlled with the simple press of a button on a remote control. 

The advantage of the AFIRE design wall fireplaces is that they do not take up any floor space. There is an entire range of wall fireplaces. With modern shapes and trendy colors, the AFIRE range transforms itself to fit the lifestyles of today’s consumers.

Design Wall Fireplace LOFT
Wall Fireplace SASA Medium
Smart Bioethanol fireplace AFIRE
Automatic wall fireplace with Remote Control

Smart ethanol wall fireplace: the choice of fire without constraints

The sociology of fire has been transformed. The use of fire has changed from a functional need (heating, cooking, etc.) into a need, just as concrete, for the pleasurable and dreamy phenomenon of fire. “Man dreaming in front of his fireplace is the man of imagination. It gives him a future, a conscience, this little spark of divine fire.” (Gaston Bachelard). The acceleration of history means that the contemporary fireplace has turned into an object without constraints. The fire space has become an element of conviviality and reflection that is used on a daily basis.


Light and Aesthetic Fire


Fire of Pleasure


Magical and Convivial Fire



Design ethanol wall fireplace: A new alliance between sustainable development and innovation

Sustainable development is fashionable: even more than this, it is becoming a trend. AFIRE wall bio-fireplaces use green energy: bioethanol. Ecology and innovation and both core values of the brand; one does not go without the other, and one is only possible through the other. Technological innovation aimed at ecology makes sense, it helps us create secure, design and functional products.

SASA Range of Ethanol Wall Fireplaces

LOFT Range Smart Ethanol Wall Fireplace

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