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Modern and trendy smart fireplace news by AFIRE. Here are the new trends in 3D water vapor fireplaces and embeddable bio ethanol burner inserts. Rethinking fire is AFIRE’s goal. This trendy fire can be installed anywhere and can be used with modern control mechanisms: remote control, smartphone, home automation systems, etc. New fireplaces also have one point in common: their total safety of use. To achieve this, electronics has been brought to bear on the world of fire with active safety systems. As for 3D water vapor fireplaces, no safety issues there: the flames are cold! The smart fireplace news are shaking up the world of fire…


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Ethanol burner insert and smart fireplace news

Smart fireplace news: ethanol fireplaces and embeddable inserts by AFIRE. The main piece of news for products running on bioethanol is the generalization of inserts with active safety mechanisms. Indeed, manual combustion blocks, despite being very cheap, are truly dangerous. Still sold by web-based discounters, they are disappearing with the advent of remote-controlled ethanol fireplaces and burners with automatic ignitions and electronic safety mechanisms.
Designers and decorators are becoming increasingly interested in these automatic inserts that allow them to create all kinds of trendy fireplaces. It is no longer the fireplace that directs the decoration, but rather the fireplace that now adapts to the style of the room. Fire spaces are now more trendy and simple to use daily.

Ethanol fireplace news

3D Water Vapor Fireplace News

News about AFIRE 3D water vapor fireplace. These are truly the current trend in hotels, restaurants and public spaces. In areas where traditional fireplaces can pose security problems, 3D fireplaces work with water and create cold flames. No risks! Any hosting establishment can equip itself with a 3D water vapor fireplace. The effect is spectacular, and very few people will be able to tell the difference between the flames of a traditional fire space and those of a 3D water vapor fireplace. Fireplace news: all of AFIRE’s posts on Google + AFIRE smart fireplace.

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