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The AFIRE water fireplace is without doubt the novelty of the year. But why choose an electric fireplace, a 3D water vapor fireplace insert with realistic flames? Why should you prefer a fireplace that does not heat up? Who is this modern design decorative fireplace that is constantly gaining ground aimed at? In short, why choose a water fireplace rather than a traditional one? And finally, how will this type of product evolve in future years?

The decorative fireplace, a new vision of fire with cold flames

The most striking novelty of the AFIRE water fireplace is that it has cold flames. Unlike almost all traditional electric fireplaces, there is a perfectly realistic fire. The terms “fake fireplace” and “fake fire” do not apply at all to water vapor electric fireplaces. But let us return to the decorative water vapor fireplace insert.

A real fire that is 100% safe

The applications and installation possibilities are phenomenal. In fact, a wood fire or one using gas need a duct to evacuate the combustion gases. A steam fireplace insert requires no evacuation and so can be installed anywhere. This is, of course, also the case with ethanol fireplaces and burners. But the real difference with AFIRE water fireplaces is that they do not heat up. This characteristic has enormous implications. Safety is total. These fireplaces can therefore be installed in all public places and in all homes in which hot flames could cause a risk of burns or fire. The scope of the decorative water vapor fireplace is without limit!


Decorative fireplace


Ecological and economical cold flames


Fire safety


Constraints !

Why choose an AFIRE water fireplace?

What changes are to be expected with the arrival of the AFIRE water fireplace? On one side, there are fireplaces that are intended to heat; on the other, there are the decorative fireplaces. The AFIRE steam fireplace is a decorative fireplace with real cold flames. It is a total disruption in the world of fire. The implications, in fact, in terms of installation and design are astonishing.
Why choose an AFIRE decorative fireplace? The choice depends on several principal points. Firstly, as there is no safety problem, you can actually install a steam fireplace anywhere. No more need of special fire materials, safety distances, a flue or various protective measures.
Lastly, the choice of an AFIRE water vapor electric fireplace is both ecological and economical. The “fuel”, in fact, is a little tap water. The cost of installation, therefore, is negligible and the pollution inexistent.
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