AFIRE remote controlled remote controlled vent free fireplace is resolutely a “high end ” model. Featuring a 16/9 extra-large design, automatic security, as well as remote controls, they change your view of fire : urban, comfortable, and without constraints.


Bio ethanol fireplace BE150 AFIRE


Top Design, Top Technology

Beaubourg fireplaces feature large 66 and 100 cm bioethanol burners. The flames are modern, vibrant, and adapt to our eyes’ natural 16/9 vision. Like television, the bio ethanol remote controlled vent free fireplace is widened. Its design becomes more modern, lighter, and the flames light up our entire vision.
At the forefront of technology, AFIRE fireplaces are equipped with a wide number of automatic safety measures.

First, refilling is only possible when unlocking the fuel filler flap (burner and tank are separate). This can only be done if the combustion block is both off and cool. An audio and visual signal indicates when to stop filling the tank. Once the flap is closed, the opening will be automatically locked. This measure avoids accidents that can occur with manual ethanol fireplaces.

For greater safety, ignition is controlled remotely. Bringing hands close to the flames is no longer necessary. AFIRE bio-fireplaces can be controlled with a button on the upper plate of the cumbostion block, either through remote control, or by connecting the “dry contact” socket to a home automation system.


Remote controlled fireplaces AFIRE      Design bio fireplace


Environmentally friendly AFIRE remote controlled vent free fireplace

Bioethanol is becoming more and more environmentally friendly. New generations will allow us to stop competing with food crops, as well as recycle waste from wood as well as other plants.

On the other hand, this alcohol has become very common and can be found everywhere. It produces no smoke, no soot, and no dirt. It is a modern way of seeing fire. Bio-fireplaces are freed from all of the often prohibitive constraints linked using wood or gas. What’s more, installing an exhaust duct is not necessary, allowing these ventless fireplaces to be used pretty much everywhere.

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