An AFIRE remote controlled bio ethanol fireplace insert invents a new art of fire, a new conviviality. There is no more question of spending the evening by the fireplace only in winter, but rather throughout the year. Give back some of its vitality to your living space, and not just to chimney-equipped lounges, but to all the rooms in which you spend your time. Fire is no longer just for homes in the countryside, but can now also be used in apartments in the city or suburbs. Fire blends in with the decoration of all interior spaces with the AFIRE remote controlled bio ethanol fireplace! The new art of fire is being able to enjoy the well-being brought by the flames everywhere and in all seasons by simply pressing a button on your remote controlled bio ethanol fireplace insert. Light the fire!

Bio ethanol fireplace insert AFIRE

Remote Controlled Bio Ethanol Fireplace with Secure Automatic Ignition

Fire is a wonderful substance that awakens a lot in us. Even if its cooking and heating purposes are no longer current, the pleasure and the well-being brought by the dance of the flames persist. It is a unique feeling! A cozy warmth that surrounds us with changing flames that illuminate our inner world. An AFIRE remote controlled bio ethanol fireplace also allows for the sharing of convivial moments with family and friends.

To make the celebrations complete, all that is needed is quality devices that can be controlled with a single button press. The ignition and extinction of the flames is automatic. An AFIRE bio ethanol fireplace insert gives a perfect guarantee of security thanks to its many sensors that stop the fire in case of malfunction. Fire is completely under control.


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Fireplace and Television: Installing a bio ethanol fireplace insert

The fireplace-television duo is very trendy. Installing a design fireplace under a TV is now possible, as it is no longer necessary to install a vent. So, how can this be done? Well, first, we recommend contacting an interior designer, architect or designer. Building and decoration professionals know how to create a décor, install the devices and ensure a proper installation.

Installing an AFIRE remote controlled fireplace insert next to or under a TV is relatively simple. First, it is necessary to create a setting with a niche for the TV and an insert for the electronic ethanol burner (don’t forget to include an electric plug). Then, the TV must be set and the remote controlled bio ethanol fireplace insert installed. That’s all! Check our team’s advice: Email us!

Bio ethanol fireplace insert with remote control

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