If you are seriously considering installing a fireplace, here are three questions that you should ask yourself before buying an ethanol burner insert to create your trendy fireplace. Having a fireplace in a house or apartment is an important asset. Enjoying the pleasure of fire is an element of well-being that is increasingly appealing to city dwellers.

But, how should a ventless design fireplace be installed? You have probably given this a lot of thoughts and have asked yourself millions of questions, which is only natural. And then, you discovered that it is possible to install a ventless fireplace with an ethanol insert. From here, you thought about decoration ideas for your living room or living spaces. To guide you in your choice, there are three questions that you should ask yourself before buying an ethanol burner insert.

Buying an ethanol burner insert

What are the security measures to select and install an ethanol burner insert?

There are two types of decisions to take when buying an ethanol burner insert.

The first is to choose an automatic ethanol insert with electronic safety sensors. These sensors must imperatively secure the filling of the tank by preventing the fuel filler flap to be opened when the burner is too hot (usually over 60°C). They must also detect operational anomalies and automatically stop the device in case of defect (CO² sensor, combustion block level, heat detector, etc.). You should absolutely stay away from manual ethanol burners that do not have any active safety measures. These are usually simple pots or tanks that are dangerous to fill (no heat detection), to light (flash) and to extinguish.

The second, is that while buying an ethanol burner insert with automatic ignition and safety detectors is indispensable, it must also be installed correctly. An ethanol insert produces real flames. Both in terms of height and width, there are minimum installation dimensions that must be respected. Although installing a bio ethanol burner is simple, contracting a professional is certainly the best solution if you are not a good handyman.




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Buying an ethanol burner insert with remote or home automation controls

Many people think that buying an ethanol burner insert with remote control is solely a matter of user comfort. While it is true that pressing a button from your couch is comfortable, ease of use is not the only thing that should guide your choice. Indeed, being able to remotely control an ethanol insert is a matter of safety. Who wants to bring their hands close to the fire to start a burner? Who wants to get burned with a lighter? Who does not cringe before the flash of a manual bioethanol burner? With remote control, it is now possible to control a combustion block in complete peace.

Ethanol burner insert with automatic ignition

How should the installation be performed? Should a professional be called?

Installing a remote controlled bio ethanol burner insert with automatic ignition and security sensors is simple. However, the installation instructions must be followed. The minimum safety distances of the flames from the surrounding materials are very important. The decoration for your installation must also be implemented. While a television and ethanol fireplace are attractive decoration options, are you able to install such a setup yourself? If you are not a good handyman, it really is best to call a professional. Fireplace installers, decorators and interior designers, there is no lack of building professionals who have the skills required to install what you are looking for. Why not call a building professional?

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