Double sided ethanol fireplace: how do you install a double sided fireplace with an integrated AFIRE remote-controlled ethanol burner or insert? There are two distinct solutions to install your double sided free standing fireplace. You can install a central ethanol fireplace to be placed in the middle of the room like a piece of furniture. You can also choose to embed a double sided fireplace in a separation wall open onto to rooms, such as between the dining room and the living room.

Double sided fireplace

Free standing Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace to be placed as a piece of furniture

For those who want to create a warm atmosphere in their living spaces, the free-standing double-face ethanol fireplace is an interesting decoration idea. The 360° view of a fire is an undeniable attraction. The free-standing fireplace also lets you change its position. Still note that a double sided fireplace requires rooms with large dimensions, ideally installed in the center. Since you don’t need to install a chimney, setting up a double-face fireplace is easy. The ARCH free-standing double-sided fireplace offers maximum view of the flames from all areas in the room.

Customized Double Sided Fireplace with Remote-controlled Ethanol Burner

If you have a separation wall, embedding an ethanol burner is a solution that offers all customization possibilities. You can choose the length of your bio-ethanol burner, the embedded materials and the shape of the wall cutout. It is still advised to set up blueprints with the help of an architect or interior designer. Previsualization of the design is now a common operation offered by many professionals. A double sided fireplace insert or ethanol burner has the advantage of perfectly integrating into your interior decoration style. Embedding an ethanol fireplace into a shelf or separation wall is very simple, even though you need to plan on some construction to outfit the wall and embedding material.

Double sided ethanol fireplace
Double sided fireplace insert AFIRE


360° View of the Fire


Eco-design Double Sided Fireplace


Controlled by a Button, Wi-Fi, Home Automation, Remote-control


Constraints !

Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace Insert: High-tech Fire Decoration

For interior designers or architects, a double-face ethanol fireplace offers infinite decoration possibilities: central fireplace, double-face insert embedded into a separation wall, ethanol burner installed into a shelf or piece of furniture, etc. The easiest solution is to place a free-standing fireplace in the middle of a room, but the most customized solution is to embed a remote-controlled bio-ethanol burner into a wall. Still, the essential quality of a double sided ventless insert is its safety and easy of use. All AFIRE devices are equipped with all modern, high-tech controlled and safety detectors that stop the combustion in the event of a problem.

So relax! Take it easy and enjoy the well-being of fire and flames 360° in your customized interior design!

There are a few examples double-sided ethanol fireplaces on the AFIRE Pinterest site.

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