Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace insert

The eco-friendly water vapor fireplace insert AFIRE WATER ™ has all the advantages! It is an eco-friendly fireplace that only uses tap water, one of those modern gadgets and designs that make life easy for us. It is a ventless fireplace without constraint that is 100% safe. Indeed, the AFIRE WATER ™ steam fireplace inserts have very real flames but these flames are cold. As a result, they can be built into any piece of furniture, any niche in the wall. The AFIRE WATER ™ eco-friendly water vapor fireplace insert is truly the ultimate contemporary fireplace.


Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace inserts: the keys to success

The reason for the very rapid development of eco-friendly water vapor fireplace inserts is not only their intrinsic qualities but also their ease of use. Unlike all other fireplaces, this fire insert does not emit any harmful odors or combustion gases. As they have cold flames, there is no danger and they can therefore be installed anywhere. It is the fireplace of public places, hotels, restaurants, bars and all establishments in the hospitality sector and also the fire insert for families who do not want hot and dangerous flames.
But it is also necessary to take into account the 3D steam fireplace ecosystem. The fireplace/user interaction has all the advantages: there are no fuel supply constraints and the few liters of tap water have a negligible cost. This saving of time and money makes the eco-friendly water vapor fireplace insert a modern and unconstrained alternative to all other fireplaces.


Fireplace that runs on tap water


Eco-friendly fireplace


Green steam fireplace using renewable energy


Constraints !

Why an eco-friendly water vapor fireplace insert?

We can talk of an eco-friendly fireplace when its ecosystem is based on sustainable development. This is absolutely the case for the AFIRE WATER ™ steam fireplace. Indeed, the interaction between the user, the fire and the environment is stable and neutral for the environment. The AFIRE 3D fireplace uses water and very little electricity (60 W for the AWP 20-50). It only releases water in the form of very fine water vapor that does not condense. The vapor is immediately absorbed by the surrounding air. This is why, under normal conditions, you will never see condensation on your insert or in its surroundings.
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Odourless eco-friendly fireplace