Which ethanol burner should you choose to create a customized bio fireplace in your home or commercial space? What are the types of bio ethanol burners that allow the creation of a trendy and totally secure fire space? How can you use a remote-controlled bioethanol insert to create a fire space in a room? What kind of help can an architect, a designer, or a building professional give you? How can an interior decorator showcase your ethanol fireplace to make it a real object of pleasure and conviviality in your living room? AFIRE provides you with advice on the choice of ethanol burner insert to install in your apartment or home.

Which ethanol burner should you choose
XXL ethanol burners AFIRE

Remote-controlled ethanol burner insert for architects and interior decorations

Always looking for new designs and concepts, interior architects are very sensitive to the installation of a fire space. With new technologies, security is perfectly ensured. All that remains is then to set the scene for an ethanol fireplace. It is then up to the designer to create the décor for your fire space and to integrate it into the decoration of your home or commercial space. But which ethanol burner should you choose?
Building professionals specializing in interior design are in the best position to advise you. Indeed, to install a fire point, you need to keep in mind the surface of the room in which it is to be installed. After choosing the style of the bio ethanol fireplace’s environment, the designer will choose the type of electronic insert to be embedded. The maximum length of this ethanol burner is directly related to the size of the room in cubic meters. If you are in any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to receive the installation scale.


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Which ethanol burner should you choose? The different ranges to create your customized fireplace

It is clear that different AFIRE collections meet different needs. But which ethanol burner should you choose to install your bio fireplace ? Here is the list of AFIRE’s ranges.

BL 40 to 100 cm Fireplace Insert Range

This is the perfect collection for all personalized chimney installations in modern homes. The inserts can be embedded very easily: they just need to be connected to an electrical outlet. The BL ethanol burners and hearths from 40 to 100 cm.

BX 120 to 180 cm Large XXL Ethanol Burner Inserts Range

Designed for open spaces, the BX range is made to equip large rooms. Its ethanol burners insert are smart and offer the possibility of installing XXL fireplaces. The BX XXL ethanol burner inserts from 120 to 180 cm.

ADD Ethanol Burner Range for Existing or Old Fireplaces

IF you own a traditional wood-burning fireplace that no longer works, the ADD range of old fireplace inserts is for you. No more wood chopping chores; just insert the device into your existing fireplace and press the remote control button ! The ADD range of ethanol burners for fireplaces.

Modulo Range, Fire Ribbons and Lines

The Modulo range meets the needs of building professionals and allows them to install unique ethanol fireplaces in extremely large rooms, commercial spaces or meeting rooms. These are the largest intelligent automatic ethanol burners on the market. Modulo ribbons, fire lines with modular ethanol inserts.

BC Range square or round ethanol burner inserts

To create fireplaces with different designs from traditional fireplaces, AFIRE has created a range of round and square ethanol burners. It is now possible to create innovative fire spaces with modern shapes. The BC range of ethanol burner inserts with round or square designs.

Ready-to-Install Bio Fireplaces

And, if you still don’t want any installation, AFIRE has developed a range of remote-controlled bio ethanol fireplaces with cutting edge technology and design. Light the fire!

Modular fire ribbon ethanol burner insert

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