Ethanol burner or water vapor fireplace

Ethanol burner or water vapor fireplace Insert to install your designer Fireplace? The choice of a stylish and ecological fireplace is often linked to the analysis of your needs. Do you want to spend the evening by the fire in front of some cozy flames? Or do you prefer to admire the cold flames of a totally safe and perfectly ecological insert with your family? What’s important is to carefully study the solutions that are offered to you. Whether an ethanol burner or a water vapor fireplace insert, let us see the respective advantages of the different types of appliances, as well as their customization possibilities.

An ethanol burner, the magic of a cozy fireplace

A bio ethanol burner insert is a device that shapes the personality of your home. It can be installed in an old chimney just as well as in a modern fire place. It is the solution for lovers of traditional flames who want to give their living space a soul. The decoration is installed by an interior designer and a ventless ethanol burner is inserted. Everything is simple and constraint free. The sensuality of the welcoming flames that warm the air of your room is magical! A stylish ethanol fireplace is the solution for domestic fire enthusiasts who put comfort above all else.


Cozy fireplace with an embedded ethanol burner insert


Stylish fireplace


Cold flames water vapor fireplace insert


Constraints !

A water vapor fireplace insert, the security of an actual cold flame

The major advantage of a 3D water vapor fireplace insert is the safety of cold flames. Their fire has beautiful colors. In no case are we speaking of a “false chimney,” as the flames are indeed real. Thus, it is a futuristic device that offers solutions for public places and spaces in which hot flames are prohibited. Water vapor fireplace inserts are 100% danger free; they are fireplaces for hotels and any kind of hospitality establishment, for families with children, as well as for buildings in which hot flames can be a problem. What’s more, we can truly talk about an ecological fireplace. Indeed, an electric water vapor fireplace insert uses tap water as fuel! This fireplace is truly amazing!

Ethanol burner or water vapor fireplace insert? A personalized choice

To conclude, the choice of an ethanol burner or water vapor fireplace insert is fully linked to the context of your home or of your professional space. You will then need to take into account your personal situation and your vision of domestic fire. Would you like hot or cold flames?

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Bio ethanol burner insert stylish fireplace