Decorative fake fireplace

The decorative fake fireplace had a bad reputation before the arrival of the water vapor electric fireplace. The 3D fireplace with its real cold flames changed all that. Not only is the fire 100% secure, but the flames are so realistic that it is very difficult to distinguish them from traditional hot flames. The decorative fake water vapor fireplace is the symbol of modern decor, free from almost all constraints.

The decorative fake fireplace reaches new audiences

The biggest problem of any fireplace is its safety. Traditional fireplaces have a tendency to disappear from the urban environment given that they are banned in almost all public places and high-rise buildings. There are many fake electric fireplaces but the rendering of the flames is not very realistic.

For interior designers and decorators, installing fireplaces with real flames was a brainteaser. The arrival of decorative fake water vapor fireplace makes it possible to combine 100% safety with a high-end design. The flames are very real and completely secure. Fireplaces can be reinvested in urban and public places such as hotels, restaurants, spas, shops, etc. The decorative fake water vapor fireplace attracts the attention of the public with its real cold flames that can change colors. You can create a traditional fireplace that is extraordinary at the same time.


High-end fake fireplace with real flames


Ecological fireplace running on tap water


Fire safety


Constraints !

The eco-friendly decorative fake fireplace, a trend in tune with the times

Traditional wood burning or gas fireplaces are very often significant emitters of indoor air pollution. They can also significantly contribute to episodes of outdoor air pollution. Fake decorative water vapor fireplace inserts do not create any pollution. Neither indoors nor outdoors. They do not emit any fine particles, carbon monoxide or toxic gases. They simply run on tap water.
This concept of eco-friendly decorative fireplace is on the rise. The water vapor fireplace fits perfectly in its ecosystem. And for good reason. Not only that it does not pollute or emit any particles and gases that are harmful to health, but also it allows high-end models that can adapt to almost any situation. 3D inserts and fireplaces are the real fireplaces of the future, not the fake electric fireplaces of the past. Revamp fire with AFIRE!

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Fake fireplace electric water vapor insert