In the large interior spaces required for hospitality establishments, businesses, or large living rooms, fire lines or fire fronts allow for the creation of a unique atmosphere. Designers are now free to imagine lines of light to give life to their decorative creations with the range of AFIRE Modulo bioethanol inserts.


Remote controlled fire line and ribbon AFIRE


Modulo AFIRE: the magic of fire lines

The diverse expectations of global markets in terms of design is such that existing concepts must be reinvented with modern techniques to simplify the installation and use of decorative objects. The use of domestic fire is one of them.

The spirit of this modern fire is simple and without constraints. The flames give off true well-being which creates a state of relaxation for their users. However, since fire is also the symbol of thought and pleasure, new fireplaces and fire lines are not only a source of heat and warmth, but also a place where people can relax and let their imagination run free. A chic and comfortable setting in which we can meet among friends, colleagues, or family to enjoy the happiness of a convivial moment.


Using Modulo modular ethanol burners to design fire ribbons in interior design

The AFIRE fire lines Modulo range gives interior designers the opportunity to design both medium and large fire lines with varying shapes thanks to the corner modules. Since installing a smoke vent is not necessary (bioethanol produces no smoke), these fire lines can be installed anywhere. It is however, necessary to understand that the heat created will remain in the room. The spaces in which these fire lines are installed must thus be of appropriate sizes. AFIRE, the manufacturer of these modular ethanol inserts, will advise you on the dimensions to respect.

Designers can use the Modulo line in all of their decorations. Indeed, this fire tool fits in the most diverse and cosmopolitan settings. The fireplace no longer imposes its design, rather, it is now designers who design the fire spaces with a tool adapted to their creation. In addition, the Modulo range was designed to keep the installation extremely simple. The straight modules of 75, 100, 150 cm ((29,52 – 39,37 – 59,05 in) and the angle module of 50-50 cm (19,68 – 19,68 in) are inserted between a Master and a finish portion. All interior modules are linked by a simple connector to the Master command module. The user simply presses a button (Master button, remote control, control through any Wi-Fi or home automation system) allows the flames to be started or stopped.


Fire ribbon C line Modulo by AFIRE


AFIRE: Designing fire to serve Architects and Designers

AFIRE is at the service of the most beautiful interior design and architecture projects. The staging of flames goes through the creator, who can use any of the AFIRE insert ranges.

The BL Premium range for spaces with classical dimensions. The BX compact line for large spaces. The BC-BR design line for all spaces.

More information on the ranges: AFIRE remote-controlled automatic inserts and bio ethanol burners

The new AFIRE range: Modulo modular automatic fire ribbons and lines


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