How the ethanol fireplace with remote control has radically transformed the installation and use of domestic fireplaces? Why is there such enthusiasm for this new type of ventless fireplace? What advantage does a bioethanol burner offer compared to a traditional fireplace? Why do designers, decorators and architects advocate for this new type of appliance?

Why and How the Ethanol Fireplace

How the ethanol fireplace with remote control has radically changed the world of domestic fire

Since the start of the 21st century, there has been a profound upheaval in the world of fireplaces and fire spaces of all kinds. The basic reason for this upheaval is the advent of the ventless fireplace. Indeed, it was responsible for lifting the main obstacle to the installation of domestic hearths, as it was no longer necessary to install a smoke and gas vent. Today, all new houses or commercial spaces built without such vents can be equipped with a fire space, without any constraints.

This has provoked a radical change, not only in the behavior of users, but also in that of architects, designers and building professionals. What’s more, the arrival on the market of new electronic products using remote controls has made using fire completely secure. This explains how the ethanol fireplace with remote control, equipped with security detectors, have become the most-used hearths in all types of urban homes and commercial spaces.


Ventless fireplaces


Installation in all types of urban homes and commercial spaces


High-tech electronic ethanol fireplace


Constraints !

Why have ethanol fireplaces revitalized the installation of fire spaces?

Actually, this is about understanding how the ethanol fireplace has made it easy to create new designs, better suited to modern life. The installation of a ventless bio ethanol burner allows for the creation of modern fire points, well adapted to our lifestyle. Simple to install (ventless fireplace), it provides designers with a new vision of fire; a modern, urban fire that becomes a part of any decoration. Designers and interior architects thus become the natural creators of these fire spaces. Embeddable inserts also allow for the creation of new complementarities, including combinations such as televisions and ethanol fireplaces, tables and fireplaces, recesses with embedded ethanol burners, fireplace furniture, etc. Creativity is back in the world of fire! It is up to you to choose the fireplace that suits you!

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