Indoor ethanol burner insert

The choice of an indoor ethanol burner insert depends on a variety of criteria. To start, it is the idea behind the decoration that takes precedence. All possibilities can be explored, you can choose an interior ethanol burner insert that is XXL or compact, a round or square insert, you can even draw an XXL fireplace in an “L” shape. The most important thing, of course, is to understand that the heat output of an ethanol fireplace should not be underestimated. But let’s look at the choice of your combustion block…

How to Choose Your Indoor Ethanol Burner Insert?

First, create your interior decoration. Imagine a room where you will feel good. It is often useful to call upon a decorator or an interior designer to visualized and carry out the work. Indeed, a professional understands the constraints related to your space’s environment. What’s more, they are also able to concretize your decoration ideas. All you have to do is choose your indoor bio ethanol burner insert. It is important to understand that an ethanol fireplace creates heat. You thus have to avoid overheating your space. To make sure of this, it is a good idea to choose a device that matches your room’s volume. AFIRE will confirm your choice of space volume – ethanol insert by simple request if you complete the form in our “Contact” page.




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XXL or Compact Indoor Ethanol Burner Insert for Your Custom Fireplace?

AFIRE has 5 ranges of fireplace inserts.
The BL range is the one that suits most living rooms and living areas (from 40 to 100m3).
The BX range of XXL indoor bioethanol burners is aimed at large spaces (from 100 to 200 m3).
The Modulo range is designed for non-standard spaces starting from 200m3.
The BC and BR models are round or square ethanol burners for the installation of fireplaces with custom designs (100 m3 minimum).
The ADD is made up of insert models for existing or old fireplaces (40 m3 minimum).
To conclude, we should note that all of these models include automatic active safeties and modern controls. Here, we can truly talk about a remote-controlled, automatic and secure indoor ethanol burner.
Houzz Indoor Bio ethanol Burner Insert for custom fireplace

XXL ethanol burner insert