Installing a fireplace in the city

Installing a fireplace in the city, whether in a house or in an apartment, is now practically impossible with wood or gas fireplaces. However, with the advent of new ventless fireplaces, installing a fire space has become simple and constraint-free. Indeed, installing an ethanol burner insert or a water vapor fireplace is technically simple, since there is no longer any need for an evacuation pipe. On the other hand, these hearths offer a surprising flexibility to create all kinds of new designs.

Installing a fireplace in the city: bio ethanol burner with electronic safety measures

The most important advice that can be given to install an ethanol fireplace in the city is to choose a safe device. An ethanol burner insert with automatic electronic safety measures is essential if this type of product is chosen. Ethanol inserts also provide surprising flexibility in terms of decoration. Indeed, all kinds of fireplace styles and designs can be created.

Whether in an apartment or in a townhouse, installing a bio ethanol burner insert does not require a vent. The flames are magnificent and can be controlled with the simple touch of a button. It is the ideal device, as long as a quality item equipped with electronic security measures is chosen. Installing an ethanol burner insert creates an original living decoration, as well as a cozy warmth.


Quick and easy installation


Creating a custom fireplace


Fireplace for apartment or townhouse


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Installing a fireplace in the city: water vapor fireplace

The other way to create a fire space in urban areas is to install a water vapor fireplace. Modern apartments can no longer support wood or gas fireplaces. There are too many technical impossibilities for their installation, and too many constraints for their use. In addition, it is difficult to imagine getting wood delivered and storing it somewhere on a building’s upper floors!
Installing a 3D water vapor fireplace is ideal in many cases. All hospitality sectors, as well as establishments receiving customers are often concerned by security issues. The cold flames of a water vapor fireplace completely solve this problem. What’s more, a 3D fireplace produces neither smoke nor dangerous gases. In addition, water vapor fireplaces are fully ecological: they use only water.
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Water vapor fireplace AFIRE design flames

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