Nowadays, what are the characteristics of a luxury fireplace? Of course, spectacular design is certainly one of the most important points but it’s not the only one. Ecology has become an essential element of our new modern hearths. The fireplace must be beautiful and well-designed, but it must also respect the environment. We now speak of eco-friendly fireplaces. Ultimately, a high-end fireplace must be a high-tech fireplace. The fire can be ordered by a touch and a glance, very simply, in a completely safe manner by use of electronic systems and the internet.

A luxury fireplace with a spectacular design

To create a spectacular fireplace, one must have modern fire tools. The electric water vapor fireplace is certainly the one that is most appropriate to this concept. Equipped with real cold flames, it combines total safety with unlimited design possibilities. In fact, everything comes from the interdisciplinary nature of the design of a water vapor fireplace. Prized materials are combined with built-in and the handling of information by networks and the cloud. Fireplaces become connected objects that can interact with the world. But above all, these fireplaces are beautiful, environmentally responsible, and very easy to use.

High-end water vapor fireplace insert

The dream is stronger than experience. The conquering of the superfluous yields a greater spiritual excitement than the conquering of the necessary.
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A luxury fireplace, the “designer’s touch”

How does one install an out of the ordinary luxury fireplace with a high-end ethanol burner? Your architect, your space planner, or the interior designer, along with retailers of high-end designer fireplaces, are the best designers of your future hearth. They bring real know-how and add value to your project. Reconceiving living spaces and equipping them with a high-end fireplace to make them luxurious and warm is a designer’s task!

Ethanol burner insert or water vapor fireplace?

In fact, the choice depends on the character of your project. An ethanol burner enables warm and cozy designs. The electric water vapor fireplace offers 100% safety and unlimited design possibilities. To furnish or set up extraordinary spaces around a fire in the hospitality or public space sector, we systematically recommend the water vapor fireplace. In fact, safety is a decisive element in the designs of such installations. See our web page: Fireplaces for hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, stores, and public spaces

To assist you in the selection of your fireplace:
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Luxury water vapor fireplace insert