To install stylish fireplaces, a modern approach to decorating with fire consists of installing a ventless bio ethanol fireplace into a customized décor. Hearths are no longer meant to heat, but have become an element of decoration for the house. Flames provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation which can be shared in any season, not only during the winter. AFIRE provides a few ideas to install your fireplace with a personalized touch.

 Stylish fireplace AFIRE

Stylish fireplaces used for pleasure in any season

Gone are the times when you would light a fire only in the middle of the winter. Modern fireplaces are lit with the touch of a button in any season. The role of fire is no longer restricted to heating, but is more for well-being. Having a nice moment next to a fire has become simple, and nearly all constraints of its use have disappeared. No chopping wood, no long and sometimes dangerous lighting, no more getting dirty and no more maintenance with the new, safe AFIRE remote-controlled bioethanol fireplaces.

Advice, ideas of installation, videos on the page:  AFIRE remote controlled ventless stylish fireplaces

1. A design fireplace with the BL series

Compact (Model BL40) or with wide flames (Models BL66 and BL100), inserts from the BL series can be installed anywhere. You only need to create a décor in your style (with an electrical outlet inside the reservation) and install the electronic bioethanol burner. Simply and quickly set up, these devices are more like setting up furniture or an appliance than a traditional fireplace which needs to be hooked up to a smoke evacuation duct. AFIRE remote-controlled inserts require no chimney.

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 Ethanol design hearth afire

2. Very large sized stylish fireplaces in the BX line

If you have a very large room and you want to install a large-sized fire area, the compact bioethanol burners from the BX line are the best option. BX120, BX150 and BX180 are very large inserts with reservoir capacities providing for flames at around ten hours before refilling. Controlled remotely, with a button on the device or set apart from it like any time of home appliance control (“dry contact” plugs), these combustion blocks are extremely safe with automatic stopping systems.

More info: BX series electronic bioethanol burners


Bio ethanol burner insert BX


3. Fire areas in different shapes with the BC models

For those looking to create fire spaces in different shapes, the BC line meets this specific need. Square, round, rectangular – any shape of fireplace is possible (customized) with adaptable blocks (like all AFIRE models, equipped with a remote control and safety detectors).

More info: Stylish AFIRE decorative BC inserts

4. Exceptional modular hearths with MODULO inserts

Modulo is the most luxurious and most extensive line of AFIRE fire areas. They are modules that can be assembled to create exceptionally stylish fireplaces. Although these modules are very easy to install, they are primarily meant for use by architects, designers or building professionals. They provide a continuous line of fire in any shape and of any size.

More info AFIRE fire ribbon and XL ethanol burner inserts

5. Ready-to-install stylish ethanol fireplaces

Finally, if you don’t want to install anything at all, the ready-to-install remote-controlled ethanol fireplace models are made for you. You attach a bar onto a wall and simply hang the model you’ve chosen – that’s it!!

More info: AFIRE remote-controlled bioethanol fireplaces


The choice is wide with these modern devices that can be adapted to any demand and can be set up in just a few minutes. Contact us if you need detailed technical information or prices including delivery:


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