A television and ethanol burner insert is a fully modern decoration idea for houses and apartments without a chimney vent. The types of homes in which we live have changed, and urban modernity is now necessary. Home fashion is now a reality with the introduction of new, easier-to-use products. These new comfort elements are part of a new logic: that of fun devices that can be used every day.
A flat screen TV and a fireplace are unavoidable elements of any living room. While the television and fireplace insert are complementary, they can also be used separately. You can watch the news while concentrating on the screen, or also watch a movie by the fire. Welcome friends with a drink around the table fireplace, or read in front of a wall ethanol fireplace. All possibilities are open to you. Just choose the fireplace screens and inserts that fir your needs and the way in which you want to use them.

Television and ethanol burner insert with remote control

Television and ethanol burner insert: A decoration idea for designers

Architects, designers and building professionals are best qualified to elegantly create the design of a living which a fireplace and a television are the pillars of the decoration. Installing a television and ethanol burner insert set is not particularly difficult. However, managing the various different tasks required can be difficult for a layperson. Why not call a professional? The costs involved are minimal compared to the time saved and the guarantee of having a bio-ethanol and television set designed according to your decoration ideas. On the other hand, you could also choose to entrust the work to professionals who will follow the instructions of a designer or architect… In our opinion, a guarantee of success.

Television and fireplace idea


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Urban Modernity


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Ethanol fireplace and television

Television and Ethanol Fireplace Let Yourself be Surprised!

Our remote-controlled ethanol fireplace and television set is a formidable tool to imagine the design of your living spaces. The combination of a warm and friendly fire with computer and television monitors creates an extraordinary palette for decoration.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that the interior layout depends only on the complexity of the design. Indeed, ethanol burners and televisions are easy to install. Just hang the TV and embed the ethanol burner. Of course, these two designs must be connected to an electrical outlet.
Let yourself be surprised! Modern decoration ideas have never been so creative. Modern devices such as the ethanol burner and the television can now be installed quickly and without any major work. Step into the future, rethink your interior!

AFIRE manufactures a range of automatic remote-controlled ethanol burners at the forefront of technology and design. Top-end fireplaces that are easy to install, use and secure electronically. If you are interested by this decoration idea, contact us!

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