An AFIRE ventless fireplace hearth: the simplest and most elegant way to install a fireplace in your apartment, your house or your commercial space. With a simple installation, constraint-free use, and no maintenance, remote controlled ethanol fireplace fits in all interior space by bringing an incomparable touch of life and light.  

Bring a magical atmosphere to your living room, decorate your living spaces, and illuminate your reception room with a ventless fireplace hearth equipped with the latest fire control technologies. Press the remote control and enjoy the unique pleasure of flames fueled by bioethanol, a perfectly renewable green energy.

Ventless fireplace hearth AFIRE

The Modern Fireplace: a touch of life in your interior decoration

Creating an original and “trendy” interior decoration that suits the overall style of your home is the work of decorators and interior designers. Adding an AFIRE remote controlled ventless fireplace hearth in a room’s design brings to it not only an element of living decoration, but also a very convivial atmosphere. 

The ventless fireplace hearth is not for heating, although they provide a comfortable heat source. They are decorative fireplaces that produce beautiful clean flames (indeed, the combustion of bio-ethanol gives off no soot, no smell and no smoke). You will live magical moments around the dancing flames…


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Constraints !

Ventless fireplace hearth, no more installation problems

The main interest of ethanol fireplaces is that they do not require the installation of a drain pipe for gas and fumes. They can thus be installed anywhere. The ventless fireplace hearth is a significant step forward if you want to install a decorative fire space in the city or urban areas. No firewood chores, no long and difficult extinction or ignition, all that is needed is to press a button. Bio ethanol fireplaces become a central element of interior design. More information on AFIRE ventless fireplace hearth:

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