Fashion is definitely taking over the world of the home. Collections and trends are now punctuating the seasons of the house. AFIRE takes the lead by unveiling new fire spaces created with ventless ethanol burner and ventless fireplace.


Ventless fireplace insert


Fashion is a Matter for Specialists, Designers, Architects, Decorators…

AFIRE is not a designer and does not want to impose any style. AFIRE is a manufacturer of high tech ventless ethanol burners, hearths and fireplaces. From this idea, “ready to install ” vent free fireplaces and bioethanol burners ranges have been imagined in order to serve as tools for designers. The idea is that we give you the technical means and the devices to allow you to create personalized and modular hearths. Imagining the universe of fire is up to you..…
And for those who want a fire point without any installation, AFIRE has designed a range of minimalist fireplace hearths ready to be installed. Actually, they consist in a shell in which a combustion block is built in. Following the models, different ventless ethanol burner inserts of the AFIRE range are used.


Video: vent free bio fireplace or ventless ethanol burner: install your design fireplace

Only a few minutes are necessary to imbed an electronic insert in its surroundings and, in this way, create a true fire-deco. It is simply a matter of plugging in the 12V adaptor and insert the device in the reservation provided for this purpose. A simple installation that takes place without the problem of creating a fumes discharge vent…Bioethanol is a clean and renewable fuel that doesn’t produce soot, smoke, or smells.
In addition, an electronic ethanol fireplace is not subject to maintenance. No sweeping of flues, no daily cleaning, no expensive repairs. Ventless ethanol burner inserts are a true modern and urbanized alternative to traditional hearths.



Your Fireplace, Easier to Install, More Beautiful, Easier to Use

Modern vent-free design fireplaces are a product of the innovation of AFIRE’s “research and development” office, they are eco-friendly (using 95-97 % alcohol or bioethanol) and can be installed anywhere. These new decorative objects are also fire spaces that can be used daily. No more chores of all kind, fire should be able to be enjoyed every day, and without constrains. It should be functional, and no longer trapped in an outdated and immovable historical monument that stands in the middle of the living room.
Fire becomes modular it can be installed in all settings and all decoration styles. The design fireplace is a product of the imagination and fits in all locations, in all atmospheres. It is no longer a question of choosing a model in a catalogue, but rather to build YOUR project according to your desires and your lifestyle. The universe of fire is personalized. It can be minimalist, but also staged in a very sophisticated manner. Everyone can have his or her own inspiration with fire, his or her own view of the world of flames.

AFIRE is a manufacturer of bioethanol fireplace and ventless ethanol burner which advises its clients. Even if the installation is very simple, AFIRE will inform you of the best solutions to quickly realize your project.


Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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