XXL remote-controlled ethanol burner

Why the XXL remote-controlled ethanol burner insert is the best solution to install your customized flueless fireplace? AFIRE offers the enormous advantages of a modern and designer fireplace insert in the creation of your fire space project. Trend is towards customization. The installation of a modern fireplace must take your interior decoration into account. The fireplace insert must be simple to install. It must be a “plug and play” fireplace that does not require training or complicated settings. In addition, its operating controls must be easy to use. Finally, an XXL remote-controlled ethanol burner insert must be completely secured by electronic detectors that will stop the fire in case of malfunction.

Trend is towards customized fireplaces

Far from the days of the traditional fireplaces found in most homes, customization of the living space has taken on a paramount role in the home. For many people, the decorative fireplace has become an element to improve the living environment. The remote controlled bioethanol burner insert is in a way the best engine for your custom-designed fireplace.

A “plug and play” XXL remote-controlled ethanol burner insert

Easy to install! This is the magic word of the modern fireplace. Flueless fireplaces offer the possibility of installing a fire space practically everywhere and without constraints. Simply recess the insert into its slot and connect it to a power outlet. That’s all! Adjustment and handling are made easier by the “plug and play” mode of the AFIRE XXL remote-controlled ethanol burner insert.


Creation of customized fireplaces


Fireplaces that run on clean renewable energy


Ethanol burners for high-end designer fireplaces


Constraints !

You can now control fire at the touch of a button

In terms of safety, the remote-controlled automatic ignition of all the models of ethanol burners and fireplaces is really necessary. Simply press the button on the remote control to control the appliance. In addition, the electronic sensors make it possible for you to operate the bio-fireplace in a perfectly safe way. The remote-controlled bioethanol burner insert is permanently under control. If a malfunction is detected, the fire stops automatically. It is not a gimmick; it is an absolute necessity.

The XXL remote-controlled ethanol burner insert: the best fire tools for decoration specialists.

Recreating decorative fire in cities is a designer’s job! Bringing life to an urban space allows to vivify the fire pleasure sensation. The XXL AFIRE remote controlled ethanol burners offer creative designers a wonderful tool. This is truly the ideal solution to install your customized fireplace.

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Remote controlled bio ethanol burner insert